Shades of gray – life is not black and white

Nothing to do with a book, if you want that…move along nothing to see here.

If life was easy there would be clear lines of black and white in all things. Right and wrong. Good and bad. Left and right. Stop and go. Near and far (sorry, had to link to it!).

In some things there is the clear distinction and in some things there is not. Some people want to make it black and white in everything and really to probably cause controversy, advanced their own political agenda or to try and ostracize & label people.

Not voting for President Obama does not mean you are a racist. Not supporting ObamaCare does not mean you want people to die and die quickly. Not supporting gay marriage does not mean you are homophobic. Not supporting illegal immigration or blanket amnesty does not mean you hate Mexicans or other immigrants. Not supporting Jerry Jones does not mean you don’t like the Cowboys…okay had to try and throw a small curve-ball there.

Part of what got me thinking on this topic is the current gay marriage debate before the SOTUS this week. I think this article by Dana Loesch sums up a lot of what I think on this topic: The Argument For “Marriage Equality” Is Not A Conservative One.


I’m conservative, deal with it

There I said it. I lean conservative in my political viewpoints.

Being conservative does not automatically mean:

  • Because I disagree with President Obama’s policies I must be a racist.
  • Because I believe in the legal path to citizenship I must be xenophobic.
  • Because I don’t support my tax dollars nor my health care premiums providing “free” birth control I must be a sexist who does not like women. (As a female relative told me…she paid for her own bc and did not expect others to do so).

I may not be an expert in what all the founding fathers said and the first principles of them. But I do know that I support small limited federal government. It is pretty clear to me that the federal government was supposed to be limited. As the 10th amendment say:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

To me, it is pretty clear that as the federal government has grown over the years the worse off this country has become.

If you want to be a liberal, progressive or whatever you want to call yourself these days, that is your right. I don’t have a problem with it, except when that side of the political spectrum tries to paint conservatives as evil and uses name calling to smear us. And yes, I believe both sides are to blame.

I’m conservative, deal with it.

Both sides are to blame

Yes, I lean conservative in my political viewpoints.  Yes, folks on the “right” call folks on the “left” names. Yes, there are nut cases on the right side of the political spectrum. Yes, politicians on the right lie and distort the truth.

Guess what all the above applies to left side of the political side of the aisle. And the sooner that we the people can see that, the better off we will be in my opinion.