Dreams of my father

Nope, nothing to do with our President’s famous book. But might be more about sayings from my own father.

This is about some things my dad told me over the years. These are not the exact words because few of us can remember the exact words of some thing that was said years ago.

  • “Son, isn’t all of this beautiful.” — This relates to the backpacking trips and fishing trip me and my dad took to the Colorado mountains…some with church youth groups or just me and him. My dad loves nature, especially the mountains, whether it was backpacking through them for a week or hunting. Take in all that nature and God provided in the wondrous landscapes of this country. Great times.
  • “Son, I wish you never would have had to see something like this in your lifetime.” — This was a couple of days after September 11th. This is one time where I remember exactly where I was when I first heard of the plane crash and when I saw the towers collapse on TV. This is when for some reason, I realized the dangers of this world. Sad time.
  • “Son, don’t depend on social security it is likely not to be there when you reach retirement.” — This was back when I was in high school, early 1990s. Yes, I just dated myself to some degree. But seems my dad had some foresight into what was coming down the pipeline. Without major change SS will be worthless when I reach that retirement age. Finance educational time.
  • “Son, just try your best.” — This was when playing sports. I was not the best athlete in the world (or I might be rich!), but I tried and dad was always there for encouragement. While dad was self-employed, he always tried to make it to my basketball or baseball games from little league through high school no matter how far away the games were. He did not make all of them, but it was a rare sight not to see him in the stands. Encouraging times.

Was life perfect with dad? No, there were always the strains and stresses of growing up. But when looking back it is good to think that the good times out weigh the bad times.