The perks of being a wallflower with a safe hit and run

Another few movies via the local library.

The Perks of Being  a Wallflower

The shy freshman, Charlie (Logan Lerman), is taken in by the two seniors Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller).

Another coming of age type of story based on the book by the same name (I have not read it). Charlie has had bad luck with friends and family dying in his life. Sam and Patrick accept him for who he is and make them part of their life even though they are a few years older and run with a different crowd.

Charlie starts to come out of his shell, but always seems something is holding him back and well it was a plot twist I quite did not see coming. I wish it would have not gone that route, but it is what it is.

Overall, a good movie with some heart behind it about some kids that are not the normal kids and have had tragedy in their life, but try and find a way to get through it together. Well, that is my take on it.


Another action flick for Jason Statham. Luke (Jason’s character) is a down on his luck cage fighter who was in “disposal” services. After the Russian mafia take out his wife, they take others from him as he be-friends them.

In what appears to be a point of ending his life a little girl grabs his attention. The girl is a math genius forced to work for the Triad gang counting numbers. Sensing the girl is in trouble after the mafia chases her, he saves her, protects her and ultimately gains back his life…in a sense.

James Hong plays the leader of the Triads, personally I liked him best in Big Trouble in Little China.

The movie is typical action movie with the gun fights, fist fights, car chases and the such.

Hit and Run

I thought this was supposed to be a  comedy with Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Tom Arnold, Bradly Cooper and others.

Charles aka Yul (Dax) is in witness protection after ratting out his bank robbery co-horts. Annie (Kristen) is his girlfriend in his new life who is a conflict resolution specialist. When Kristen’s character gets a job offer in L.A. it’s time for Dax to head back to the seen of the crime until Annie’s ex-boyfriend finds out who he really is and then all the fun starts.

Well, what fun there is…yeah not a lot more to say about this one. There are some funny parts and some not so funny parts.

Next on the list is Seven Psychopaths…it’s got Christoper Walken so it’s got to be good right. I always think of this SNL skit, The Continental, do you want some champagne! Or perhaps we need more cowbell?

Some other movie thoughts:

Rocking hotel transylvania at the end of the street