Rocking hotel transylvania at the end of the street

As mentioned, I check out movies from local library. Recently finished watching a few including:

Rock of Ages

I’m not a huge musical fan and can only say I have seen a few musicals like Repo! The Genetic Opera with Anthony Head (think Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV) and of course Buffy’s famous One More, with Feeling episode.

As for Rock of Ages, outside of the sexual over tones of the plot, the music was good. The music was reason I wanted to see it, the songs from 70s, 80s and 90s. Is it sad I could practically song along with every song?

Julianne Hough’s voice did not seem quite right for a number of the songs. Diego Boneta does a good job with his part and good voice. But I was a bit surprised at how decent Tom Cruise’s voice was and Russell Brand is well Russell Brand.

I would watch again for the music, but not again and again.

Hotel Transylvania

What can I say? I like animated movies. It was funny, mostly in immature humor way, but that is good every now and then. There is of course a moral to the story like most animated films.

It has some screens that might freak a few of the younger kids out like when Dracula turns on his mean face.

House at the End of the Street

A thriller about people who are new move-in’s to a house near a house with chilling secret or something like that.

A tried formula… right. Girl is new in town, meets the “troubled” boy and likes him. Mom says stay away, girl sneaks around to see boy. Girl finds out boy is psycho, boy kidnaps girl to be his little sister…yeah a bit creepy. Girl escapes, oh yeah falls down many time in the escape which is soooooo typical of the maiden in distress.

Not worth a re-watch IMO.


Taxes, fines and fees

Something that has always bothered me is the government talking about taking in revenues. Can we stop calling what the government takes from we the people revenue?

Okay so yes definitions 3 and 4 of Webster’s says:

3: the yield of sources of income (as taxes) that a political unit (as a nation or state) collects and receives into the treasury for public use

4: a government department concerned with the collection of the national revenue

But I think too many people think of revenue as what one earns from something from a job or investment. It is a positive. A company earns revenues from selling of goods and services.

The government does not “earn” what it gets, it takes it from us. To me, the “revenue” the government takes in is not a positive, it is a negative. They are taking money from you via taxes, fines and fees.

Yes, I think some level of government is needed for certain services. But the more government “provides” for us the less we depend on ourselves and our personal support systems (yes, there is case for limited government safety net).

I am tired of hearing our government officials (GOP/Dems alike) talking about revenues. It is taxes. And President Obama needs to quit asking for more taxes, you got your tax increases. Let’s start trimming the budget, after the GAO has said (hint: it’s in the PDF):

“federal government continues to face an unsustainable fiscal path”
“the debt-to-GDP ratio would continue to rise unsustainably under current policy”
“it is apparent that these programs are on a fiscally unsustainable path” (about social security)

Rent movies for free at…

Your local library.

If you are lucky to have a good old fashion city library, you might see if they have movies. My city library has DVDs and limited Blu-Rays.

I have been reserving movies for the last few years and pick them up when it is my turn. Some movies I get within a week or two others may take several weeks if reserve it late. But since I have anywhere from 5-10 movies on reserve at a time, it works out.

Reserve a movie…get notified…pick it up. Given I check out books there too (to me nothing like reading a real book) I pick up the movies at same time as latest book.

These are movies that are a few weeks behind from the local movie store or Netflix. But they are free (well, rent free, my tax dollars help the library purchase them).

They don’t always have every movie, but they do have most popular movies that have been released. And limited TV series sets are available too.

So check out your local library.

Smart phones have made people dumb drivers

Or maybe it is unsafe drivers.

A week does not go by on my drive to/from work that:

  • I get behind somebody who drives at very inconsistent speed or weaving in/out of  their lane…I go by them and see they are staring at their phone.
  • I have also been run out of my lane numerous times by someone talking on phone and not paying attention.
  • I have missed getting through a stop light while someone stares at phone…even after a nice soft blowing of the car horn.

Be considerate of others…if you really need to text or email someone, pull off the road.

As for me, I still have a dumb phone so sadly I can’t Tweet or Facebook about the drivers around me.

I’m conservative, deal with it

There I said it. I lean conservative in my political viewpoints.

Being conservative does not automatically mean:

  • Because I disagree with President Obama’s policies I must be a racist.
  • Because I believe in the legal path to citizenship I must be xenophobic.
  • Because I don’t support my tax dollars nor my health care premiums providing “free” birth control I must be a sexist who does not like women. (As a female relative told me…she paid for her own bc and did not expect others to do so).

I may not be an expert in what all the founding fathers said and the first principles of them. But I do know that I support small limited federal government. It is pretty clear to me that the federal government was supposed to be limited. As the 10th amendment say:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

To me, it is pretty clear that as the federal government has grown over the years the worse off this country has become.

If you want to be a liberal, progressive or whatever you want to call yourself these days, that is your right. I don’t have a problem with it, except when that side of the political spectrum tries to paint conservatives as evil and uses name calling to smear us. And yes, I believe both sides are to blame.

I’m conservative, deal with it.

Both sides are to blame

Yes, I lean conservative in my political viewpoints.  Yes, folks on the “right” call folks on the “left” names. Yes, there are nut cases on the right side of the political spectrum. Yes, politicians on the right lie and distort the truth.

Guess what all the above applies to left side of the political side of the aisle. And the sooner that we the people can see that, the better off we will be in my opinion.

Hello world!

So, hello world, this is my first posting on WordPress, testing it out really. I am curious to see how the tool works abit and since i work on intranets and seen sites use the tool for basic content management, my interest was peaked. Okay enough rambling for now, got to get back to real work and play with this as I go.