We the people…suck.

We the people…suck. We are easily offended. We are easily tricked by the media and politicians. We attack people based on sound bites. We call each other names based on a few words taken out of context. We demand certain words be banned. We demean others if their belief is not aligned to ours. We launch unwarranted attacks via social media. We demand “free” things from the government. We talk about anonymous sources to scare people about the other side. We ignore the fact the politicians and media rarely give us all the facts. We jump to conclusions without doing any research of our own. We could go on and on and on.

Yep, we pretty much suck now.


The effectiveness of CO2 as a greenhouse gas becomes ever more marginal with greater concentration

Interesting read, if I understand it correctly!

Watts Up With That?

The political target of limiting the effect of Man-made global warming to only +2⁰C can never be attained.

Guest essay by Ed Hoskins

According to well understood physical parameters, the effectiveness of CO2 as a greenhouse gas diminishes logarithmically with increasing concentration and from the current level of ~390 ppmv, (parts per million by volume). Accordingly only ~5% of the effectiveness of CO2 as a greenhouse gas remains beyond the current level.

This inconvenient fact is well understood in the climate science community. It can be accurately modeled using the Modtran program maintained and supported at the University of Chicago.

The logarithmic diminution of the effect of CO2 is probably the reason why there was no runaway greenhouse warming from CO2 in earlier eons when CO2 levels were known to be at levels of several thousands ppmv.

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On School Shooters – The Huffington Post Doesn’t Want You To Read This

A worthwhile read IMO on a connection between violent video games and how they might influence someone to act out.

Peter Brown Hoffmeister

After the Huffington Post signed me on as a blogger and allowed me to write op-ed pieces on any topic, for two years, ranging from books to sports to reviews to pop culture, something changed in our relationship. It was sudden.
I wrote this piece for Huff Po in late December, 2012.  For some reason, the editors wouldn’t print it. Like every other article I’d written, I submitted the piece on their backstage for signed bloggers, but nothing happened. It didn’t go up on their site. I waited, and it didn’t happen.
A few days went by. Then a week. I contacted the editors, and they didn’t respond.  Then I contacted again, and they let me know that they wouldn’t publish the piece.
I asked why.
No response.
I emailed again.
No response again.
And now they won’t let me write anything at all. I’m off the blogroll.
So I…

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Shades of gray – life is not black and white

Nothing to do with a book, if you want that…move along nothing to see here.

If life was easy there would be clear lines of black and white in all things. Right and wrong. Good and bad. Left and right. Stop and go. Near and far (sorry, had to link to it!).

In some things there is the clear distinction and in some things there is not. Some people want to make it black and white in everything and really to probably cause controversy, advanced their own political agenda or to try and ostracize & label people.

Not voting for President Obama does not mean you are a racist. Not supporting ObamaCare does not mean you want people to die and die quickly. Not supporting gay marriage does not mean you are homophobic. Not supporting illegal immigration or blanket amnesty does not mean you hate Mexicans or other immigrants. Not supporting Jerry Jones does not mean you don’t like the Cowboys…okay had to try and throw a small curve-ball there.

Part of what got me thinking on this topic is the current gay marriage debate before the SOTUS this week. I think this article by Dana Loesch sums up a lot of what I think on this topic: The Argument For “Marriage Equality” Is Not A Conservative One.

A bridge in the climate debate – How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change

A TED talk worth watching…an alternative to carbon trading or cap/trade to help climate change. Bring on the herds of animals to mimic nature.

Watts Up With That?

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Imagine, shooting 40,000 elephants to prevent the land in Africa from going to desert because scientists thought the land couldn’t sustain them, only to find the effort was for naught and the idea as to why was totally wrong. That alone was a real eye opener.

Every once in awhile, an idea comes along that makes you ask, “gee why hasn’t anybody seen this before?”. This one of those times. This video below is something I almost didn’t watch, because my concerns were triggered by a few key words in the beginning. But, recommended by a Facebook friend, I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did, because I want every one of…

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Dreams of my father

Nope, nothing to do with our President’s famous book. But might be more about sayings from my own father.

This is about some things my dad told me over the years. These are not the exact words because few of us can remember the exact words of some thing that was said years ago.

  • “Son, isn’t all of this beautiful.” — This relates to the backpacking trips and fishing trip me and my dad took to the Colorado mountains…some with church youth groups or just me and him. My dad loves nature, especially the mountains, whether it was backpacking through them for a week or hunting. Take in all that nature and God provided in the wondrous landscapes of this country. Great times.
  • “Son, I wish you never would have had to see something like this in your lifetime.” — This was a couple of days after September 11th. This is one time where I remember exactly where I was when I first heard of the plane crash and when I saw the towers collapse on TV. This is when for some reason, I realized the dangers of this world. Sad time.
  • “Son, don’t depend on social security it is likely not to be there when you reach retirement.” — This was back when I was in high school, early 1990s. Yes, I just dated myself to some degree. But seems my dad had some foresight into what was coming down the pipeline. Without major change SS will be worthless when I reach that retirement age. Finance educational time.
  • “Son, just try your best.” — This was when playing sports. I was not the best athlete in the world (or I might be rich!), but I tried and dad was always there for encouragement. While dad was self-employed, he always tried to make it to my basketball or baseball games from little league through high school no matter how far away the games were. He did not make all of them, but it was a rare sight not to see him in the stands. Encouraging times.

Was life perfect with dad? No, there were always the strains and stresses of growing up. But when looking back it is good to think that the good times out weigh the bad times.

Smart phones have made people dumb drivers

Or maybe it is unsafe drivers.

A week does not go by on my drive to/from work that:

  • I get behind somebody who drives at very inconsistent speed or weaving in/out of  their lane…I go by them and see they are staring at their phone.
  • I have also been run out of my lane numerous times by someone talking on phone and not paying attention.
  • I have missed getting through a stop light while someone stares at phone…even after a nice soft blowing of the car horn.

Be considerate of others…if you really need to text or email someone, pull off the road.

As for me, I still have a dumb phone so sadly I can’t Tweet or Facebook about the drivers around me.

Hello world!

So, hello world, this is my first posting on WordPress, testing it out really. I am curious to see how the tool works abit and since i work on intranets and seen sites use the tool for basic content management, my interest was peaked. Okay enough rambling for now, got to get back to real work and play with this as I go.