Rent movies for free at…

Your local library.

If you are lucky to have a good old fashion city library, you might see if they have movies. My city library has DVDs and limited Blu-Rays.

I have been reserving movies for the last few years and pick them up when it is my turn. Some movies I get within a week or two others may take several weeks if reserve it late. But since I have anywhere from 5-10 movies on reserve at a time, it works out.

Reserve a movie…get notified…pick it up. Given I check out books there too (to me nothing like reading a real book) I pick up the movies at same time as latest book.

These are movies that are a few weeks behind from the local movie store or Netflix. But they are free (well, rent free, my tax dollars help the library purchase them).

They don’t always have every movie, but they do have most popular movies that have been released. And limited TV series sets are available too.

So check out your local library.