I’m conservative, deal with it

There I said it. I lean conservative in my political viewpoints.

Being conservative does not automatically mean:

  • Because I disagree with President Obama’s policies I must be a racist.
  • Because I believe in the legal path to citizenship I must be xenophobic.
  • Because I don’t support my tax dollars nor my health care premiums providing “free” birth control I must be a sexist who does not like women. (As a female relative told me…she paid for her own bc and did not expect others to do so).

I may not be an expert in what all the founding fathers said and the first principles of them. But I do know that I support small limited federal government. It is pretty clear to me that the federal government was supposed to be limited. As the 10th amendment say:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

To me, it is pretty clear that as the federal government has grown over the years the worse off this country has become.

If you want to be a liberal, progressive or whatever you want to call yourself these days, that is your right. I don’t have a problem with it, except when that side of the political spectrum tries to paint conservatives as evil and uses name calling to smear us. And yes, I believe both sides are to blame.

I’m conservative, deal with it.


3 thoughts on “I’m conservative, deal with it

  1. I agree with you that both sides are to blame. In fact I would put it that ALL sides are to blame, since there are plenty of people who don’t vote and don’t care about politics, or who refuse intentionally to participate etc. Here are three minor additions to your three “Because” points:

    I’m glad your objections to Obama’s policies are not racially based. It’s hard to deny that SOME people DO object to the man himself, based on his color. Racism is often based on coded language, objecting to a person’s legitimacy on non-rational bases. “Birthers” and those who believe he’s Muslim are examples. Despite concrete evidence to the contrary, they choose conspiracy theories. Yes, they are racists.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on what constitutes xenophobia. If an undocumented immigrant’s ONLY crime is that they came here without permission, and they’ve been consuming, paying sales taxes and contributing to the work force or military service, I see no reason to deny them citizenship. They’ve earned it.

    As far as #3, you’re going to be paying one way or the other. I can accept religious and other objection to birth control, but if you don’t provide it, we will continue having the highest rate of unintended and undesired pregnancies, and abortions, in the developed world. Would you rather pay for condoms and pills, or welfare and abortions?

    • Hmm, posted something I was thinking about this morning to a blog I have not used in years and already there are 2 replies! Funny how the interwebs work.

  2. Well said. I’m so sick of being called racist, xenophobic, homophobic (which is hilarious, considering I’m gay), anti-women, evil, ignorant and the dreaded SELFISH because I happen to disagree with the notion that the government should play an ever increasing role in our lives and that higher and higher taxes, strangling regulation and extremism will leave us with an improved society. In fact, history and the facts clearly suggest otherwise!

    The members of the left consider themselves the self-anointed in the words of Thomas Sowell and believe that they are somehow incredibly enlightened, especially compared to us evil conservatives. They believe that their very simplistic, one sided, surface view of the world is superior and they believe they are so extremely open-minded, but somehow find it surprising that anyone should hold views different from their own!

    In this light, when their argument fails to hold a candle to conservative thought, they must turn to personal attacks and name calling in an attempt to win the argument. I for one have stopped even trying to have a rational discussion with them and instead just tune them out.

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